TERMATRAC is the world’s first electronic instrument that detects the movement of termites and other pest insects through solid objects. Utilizing a patented microwave technology it can detect pest activity hidden within or behind the surface of timber, plasterboard, brick, masonry or masonry surfaces without interference or damage to interior or exterior surfaces.  Contact us for more information or to schedule a demo.

AED-2000L is a portable instrument which combined with an SP-1L probe set to provide a unique tool in the pest detection business. Several years of collaboration between its developer and the USDA have evolved it into the most advanced and sensitive acoustic detection system for locating hidden insect pest infestations in wooden structures, trees, plants and soil. Call us for more information.

THERMAL CAMERA is used to provide a gross overview of the structure under inspection and quickly produce images that suggest where additional investigation might be required. Areas that might suggest the presence of moisture, rot, hidden carton nests, live animals, previous repairs, insulation problems and other anomalies, depending upon the exacting conditions, might be readily apparent and warrant further and more extensive inspection. these cameras are becoming more invaluable to the home inspector and bring additional revenue to the pest control operator. Call us for a spec sheet.